Harry Willis Fleming

The Research Station is a cultural project and immersive setting in north-east Scotland. Set on a high coastal promontory, the Station's outlying location fuses a beautiful rural landscape with Cold War archaeology. The Station brings together many strands of Harry's work. Its predecessor, the Field Tent, has been pitched in various places, most notably for a research installation with artist Jane Wildgoose in 2008. Another point of origin is an experimental arts project Station to Station (1997) that Harry produced at Aldwych Station in London in collaboration with several artists, performers, broadcasters, and technologists. A key source of inspiration are the towers built by the artist R. C. Lucas, the subject of Harry's doctoral thesis, while thinking of the work of Gaston Bachelard. The Station also takes forward aspects of Harry's Session Five work, which included the restoration and reconstruction of a WW1 War Shrine.
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